Thursday, January 21, 2010

Where do I sign?

...oh, I did that last night. And, thankfully, the seller signed as well and accepted my offer AS IS which includes them paying closing costs and throwing in a 1yr home warranty.

Then I got a headache when I listened to my Edward Jones dude try to explain that withdrawing all the needed money will have severe tax consequences.  What about the $8,000 tax credit?  Gotta check with my CPA to see if I may get penalized for not paying the tax now rather than waiting for that credit to cover it.  Ugh!

To top it off, as of tonight it looks like the condo complex is NOT approved for a conventional loan.  Jennifer is still looking into it, but...  We do know it's approved for an FHA loan, but that means I'd either pay mortgage insurance or pay an even higher down payment.  That would be painful.

Inspection is set for Tuesday.  Closing is set for 2/24.  Crazy 5 weeks are ahead of me, no doubt.

In the mean time, I'm not going to start packing...yet.  Last night I created a list (aww, man! I should have created a SPREADSHEET!!!) of places that need to be sorted through and purged before I pack so I'm not moving junk I don't need/want/LOVE.  Seriously, it's two pages long and has little check boxes by each location and reads like this: "Pantry - top shelf" - "Pantry - 2nd shelf" - "Junk drawer" - "Silverware drawer" - "Linen closet - top shelf" - "Linen closet - 2nd shelf" - "Dresser - top drawer" - "Dresser - 2nd drawer" - "Dresser - 3rd drawer" get the picture. ;-)   So far I have 3 boxes checked off!  Woo hoo - I'm on a roll!!!

Speaking of which, my "list" is calling my name...

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