Tuesday, April 13, 2010

New Roommate

So, two days after my last post I got my storage unit cleaned out and the last few things out of the apartment and finished cleaning it.  Then I came home, took a shower and curled up on my couch for a nap.  Thirty minutes later (or so) I tried to get up and realized some muscles in my back were seizing up.  I went thru the motions of going to "bed" (aka the couch) and hoped my normal position of sleeping on my back in a "seated" position (head, back and hips on the couch, legs draped up over a stack of pillows) would bring things back into alignment. The next morning I was still in pain, but pushed thru to try to go to work, only to make things worse to the point I couldn't walk and was crawling around to get from point A to point B. I grabbed my heating pad (thankfully it wasn't upstairs!), took Advil, called my boss and went back to bed.  Two hours later I could walk, but not completely upright and scheduled a chiropractor appointment for later in the afternoon.  Thus, I lost all momentum of getting this place set up and it was about a week later before I could go back to unpacking anything!  I figured once I got everything moved over here my body would shut down and the cough/cold I had would turn into pneumonia or something.  I didn't expect my back to be the thing to shut down!

But now I'm almost back to normal (as normal as I ever am) and have some new help getting the daily exercise that I need...Bruce came to live with me this past Friday and over the next three days we walked a zillion miles.  And I lost 2 pounds.
Seriously?  I can't go up there??

 Another fence??  Think I can squeeze under it?

Ok, I'll just monitor the neighbors.

Are you ready to go for a walk yet?!