Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Hello, My Friend, Hello!

On this day (plus one) seven years ago, I posted my first entry to this page.  Some nonsensical jibberish about "never stop writing."  That startup was four years delayed and short lived.  The next startup was five years ago, but only a tease and didn't last more than a day.

But today?  Well, today might just be the beginning of a really really long writing streak.  Or...it might be the final post and join the bazillion other blogspot accounts whose lives came to a screeching, unexplained halt.  You just never know.

Or were the demise of all those blogspot accounts so "unexplained?"  Did those people really lose interest in sharing and communicating with their friends/followers?  Did life just get too overwhelming and the easiest thing to drop by the way was their loyal followers?

By the way, shout-out to all five of my loyal followers.  You know who you are...and you'll know I'm giving you a shout-out if you've maintained the same email address for the past seven years.  I've acquired two new ones since then, but that was due to getting married.

What?  You didn't know I'd gotten married?!  Didn't Facebook tell you?!?!!!