Monday, January 18, 2010

I'm in Love...

...with brick and mortar.  ha ha

My Realtor, Debbee, recommended not looking at properties until we found out what I would qualify for to eliminate me falling in love with something I couldn't afford. She sent me about 16 properties earlier in the week prior to me getting my pre-approval letter. Some I kick out just for the fun of it, some I drove by and kicked out of the running because they faced NORTH!  Seriously, people, if you didn't grow up in a NORTH-facing house in a NORTHern state, you won't understand the importance of this. But if you've ever chiseled ice off the concrete in front of your house in March or April, you'll understand my very, very FIRM stance against NORTH facing houses!  (can you tell I feel quite strongly against this?!  LOL)

So, last Tuesday afternoon Debbie and I head out to check out five townhouses that weren't eliminated by my driveby. The first one was claustrophobic.  Seriously.  It was all angles and hallways and I felt like my elbows or purse were going to poke a hole in the wall if I wasn't careful.  Delete.

Then we drove north and checked out the love of my life.  LOL  Although it's not huge in square footage, the layout is open and it feels huge. The front faces north, but the garage (where I would enter) faces south so that kept it in the running. So the garage is the "basement" level" and the living room is right above it with a balcony and the master bedroom is about that with another balcony. The balconies obviously face south and the view is sooooo incredibly awesome and includes Downtown Denver (southeast), Pikes Peak (south) and the foothills of the Rocky Mountains (southwest).  Love me my mountains!  Ok, so it also overlooks a train, but  one went by while we were in the master bedroom and it was much quieter than what I put up with in this apartment now.

I told Debbee she had to get me out of the place before I made myself a permanent fixture, but unfortunately I was spoiled and the rest of the townhouses didn't come up to par!  Well, one came close, but that's only because it was really close to "my" lake (love me some water, too!).  It was a beautiful townhouse with awesome fixture, incredible appliances and was up 13 steps from its front entrance and sat over top three two-garages.  Not my idea of quiet and private when the guy who owns the garage under the masterbedroom decides to work on his hotrod late into the night!  LOL  But it did have an incredible master bathroom with a jet tub!  Ohhhhh, can I take that with me to my mostest favorite townhouse?

But, there are more places to check out.  Can't just buy the first (or rather second) place you look at, right?  ;-)   I promise to try and keep an open mind.

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  1. You got me hooked with the view ~ sure beats a pond with an alligator swimming in it! =(