Saturday, January 30, 2010

Find a new house...check!

I am a list maker. I'm also forgetful; thus the need for lists. Last week I found in an old notebook the "To Do List for Moving!" list I wrote when I moved three years ago. Everything was checked off except for "do change of address (see next page)" and "Put down plastic on new carpet" and "Figure lunch/drinks for Saturday." I've been getting mail since then, so I must have done the change of address. And I distinctly remember living for at least two months in this apartment with a mountain of boxes in the middle of the living room - perched on a huge sheet of heavy-duty plastic that I kept rolling back and tucking under the boxes. And I don't remember a revolt of my friends who helped load the truck that day, so apparently I remembered the food!
Today I'm working in my bedroom sorting and tossing junk as well as a little cleaning. I've seen it every day for over a month, but there are still items left to check off on the "After Christmas" checklist I created on my full-length mirror (with dry-erase 'em).
  • Still haven't changed the oil in my CR-V
  • Still haven't bought a new battery for the Accord
  • Still haven't made thank you cards for Christmas gifts (better get on that, huh?!)
  • Have barely started on my sister's scrapbook (2009 Christmas present)
BUT, tonight as I went down the list I was tickled pink to be able to check off the last item
  • "Find a new house!"  - Check!!!


  1. The experts say it is most fulfilling etc, etc, to knock out the big things on your list first, so you did it right!!! Huge moment of fulfillment!

    And you can do the change of address online at ! It may cost you a dollar on a credit card (supposedly to prevent your evil enemies from sending your checks to my house), but it is great and takes effect faster. And the lazy mailman does not have to get involved, if he should at some point choose to actually do his paperwork.
    Oil can wait.
    Battery must be ok, or you would have HAD to have done that.
    Christmas thanks are viable until Easter.
    Sister can wait.

  2. Do you realize you have made no check marks in several days? You must be busy doing important things, instead of writing about them.

  3. LOL - battery isn't OK, but thankfully it's in my 'spare' car. Just so long as my 'regular' car doesn't conk out...

  4. Sure is dull here. Can't you post a picture of the stacks of boxes or something? Or the pile of junk on the street? Or the filthy spot under your refrigerator when you finally decided to clean that so you would get your deposit back?