Saturday, January 23, 2010

Break Time

Who knew the emotional roller coaster I was getting myself in for when I started this adventure toward being a homeowner?  I certainly didn't, but then I've never tackled something this huge before! The latest (as of Thursday night) is that I will be able to go with a conventional loan...but I'm not holding my breath.

My realtor Debbee is really excited about my purchase and move, and it's not just because she's making money off of it. She and my lender agree that I get the prize for taking the longest amount of time to buy a house, and  Debbee has been through the entire process.  So I'm letting her be excited for me 'cuz I'm sticking to my routine of not getting excited about something until it actually happens.  Much safer that way!

In the mean time, I'm tackling the huge-mongous project of checking off the little "done" boxes on my "sort and purge" checklist. Today I'm working in the kitchen (pantry is done!) and got sidetracked from the list (bad girl!) to clean the oven (good girl!), which wasn't on my list but I'm learning how to clean those pesky, stubborn blotches of burned cheese (it is a pizza oven, ya know) without suffering from toxic fumes. Google is my friend and I've modified and simplified some instructions it helped me find.  I just sprinkled some baking soda on the spots, then pour vinegar over them. My Pampered Chef nylon scrapper works great chiseling up the stuff the explosions loosen.  It's still not totally clean, but I do have several weeks to work on this.  And I've declared the oven off limits for ANY foods for the rest of my occupation of this apartment.

Break time's over. There are many bottles/cans under the kitchen sink that are gonna find themselves in my big black trash bag in mere moments...

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