Monday, January 18, 2010

It's Official!!!

When I was a kid you were supposed to be quiet in the library.  And you weren't supposed to have drinks.  Or dogs.  My granny disobeyed that rule...probably both...every time she thought it was too cold/hot to leave her toy poodle in the car.  "Puddin' Head" was one spoiled, but well educated, lap dog!  ha

But now days libraries just try to keep things at a dull roar. Maybe it's part of the not offending anyone?  Oh, well.  I still try to at least shut off the ringer on my phone, but that's something I forgot to do last Saturday afternoon.  As I was browsing the new book section to see if there was anything worth hauling home, my phone started vibrating AND ringing.  Even though I didn't recognize the number I answered it anyway and found it was my lender, Jennifer, asking some questions as she finished up my pre-approval application. I felt bad she was working on  a Saturday, but she acted like it was what was supposed to happen so I didn't say anything. 

After leaving the library and making a run to the grocery store, or something just as exciting, I went home and checked my email and found my Pre-Approval letter waiting for me!  Woo hoo!!!!!  Several months ago I had set a limit of what I thought I could afford, but later decided I decided to lower that amount just because I figured in light of the current housing market I could find something nice enough for a lower price.  However, the bank approved me for the first amount I set as my limit.  Good to know they trust me that much!  LOL

So, guess it's official now.  It's for real!

Wait!  I need to go back to the library and check out that Homebuying for Dummies book!!!

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  1. ...and the book about cell phone manners! :)