Saturday, January 16, 2010

Well, hello!

Have I seen you before? Flat little tabs with letters or numbers on them. Some with words like 'backspace', 'shift,' 'pause,' 'break.' A fold-up screen above with pretty pictures or lotsa words. You look so familiar.

Oh,'re my laptop!

I'm ready for a pause.  I'm ready for a shift.  I'm really ready for a break...from work...but someone's gotta pay the bills so I guess I'll skip that for now.

She wasn't my favorite professor, but she helped me see that (sometimes) I have a way with words (at least on paper) and encouraged me to never stop writing.  Well, it was about four years ago that I sat in Professor Bennett's class and I've really slacked off in the last couple years in the "keep writing" nonsense, but perhaps I will be able to jump back into the pond.  With the help of you, my laptop, of course!  ;-)  (why doesn't blog spot have cute emoticons?!)

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