Saturday, March 20, 2010

Non-sunrise pictures ;-)

Last night I shut off ALL types of, phone, etc., but forgot to shut off the volume on my computer and at 8am Southwest Airline's "DING" brought me to full consciousness.  I haven't been able to sleep in for so long and have been fighting a stupid cough, so missing sunrise pictures of the foothills with the fresh snow was a small price to pay to stay healthy.  Ok, so it was huge price to pay, but I was ready with my wallet open.

But before I crashed last night I grabbed my behemoth tripod (description of one of my movers) in order to use my Rebel to take some time delay shots of Table Mountain and whatever that is behind it with the radio tower.  Not super-duper pics, but very cool for a 10pm shot with freezing air blasting through the open balcony door!
And then I tried for the same angle/zoom this morning with the fresh snow.  Not nearly as pretty as it would be with the glow of a sunrise, but we'll blame the time change for me not rolling out of bed earlier. ha!
I'm really gonna miss the snow this summer! 

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